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Our bears can be made from a variety of clothing and/or other materials such as blankets and cushions. Here is just a small list of items we can and have used.

  • Clothing from a loved one who has passed.

  • Baby clothing and/or blankets. If you are like me, you have a stash of onesies or baby grows in a box just waiting to be reinvented.

  • School or sport uniforms. We had one customer order a bear made from their daughter's uniform. She then took it to school for her classmates to sign.

  • Garments of sentimental value.

  • You can also send new fabric of your choice that may tie into a specific theme or colour, such as Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh, Manchester United, etc.

Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas about something you would like us to create. As one customer commented recently, "Your creativity knows no bounds."

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Q. How does it work?

A. You provide clothing items such as shirts, pajamas, jeans, blankets, etc. and I hand make a teddy bear using those items.

Q. What kind of material can I provide?

A .While I can use almost any type of material, chunky knits, bulky material and delicate fabric, like silk and satin, are not ideal. Cotton, linen, jersey, denim, flannel, fleece are all great.

Q. How many items do I need to provide?

A. If you are sending baby clothing, I would need at least 4-5 pieces. Children and small adults, 3-4 pieces and larger adults, 2-3 pieces. If I don’t have enough material, I can supplement with new material.

Q. Will I get the remnants back?

A. No, I will not return the remnants unless specifically requested.

Q. How do I give you the items?

A. You can post them to me or I can arrange to collect them.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Each unique, hand made bear costs €55. Additionally, you can personalize the sole of the teddy foot with a name, date or small symbol for €7 each. Postage is additional.

Q. How long does it take to make the teddy?

A .It currently can take up to two weeks to finish your bear, but please note this timing could change and I will do my best to let you know when you can expect your bear.

Q. How big is the bear?

A. From head to toe the bear measures approximately 18 inches.

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